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One day, something happens:paintings of people // Leeds art gallery 


One day, something happens is a quotation from Walter Sickert and is the title of the exhibiton currently on display in the ground floor gallery. 

It takes up two of the three large galleries on the ground floor only leaving one gallery showing high lights of Leeds Victorian art as the upper floor’s are closed for refurbishment and renovation. 

The exhibition concerns itself with the portraits of people showing the human form across many mediums showing people being retrospective, introvert, people working or at play and human emotions such as loneliness and joy. 

The oldest painting in the exhibition is a selfportrait by Walger Sickert himself but the majority of the collection is from contemporary artists and the few ‘older portraits’ are juxtapositioned to highlight the themse of the exhibition.


(Self portrait of Walter Sickert above next to a modern abstract portrait)

Some of the most breathtaking paintings in the exhibition are the large scale portraits of people by Yvette Yiodom-Boakye and show two young girls at play on a beach entitled ‘Condor and the Mole’


Other mediums represented included a picture made of wool and acrylic stretched and framed by artist Renee So and entitled ‘Drunken Bellarmine’ (below)

I particularly enjoyed seeing Rose Wylee in the exhibition also because seeing her for the first time in the John Moores painting prize, it was interesting to see some of her other work also. (Below)


I enjoyed seeing some David Hockney in the exhibition also given that Leeds art gallery is very close to where he lives and works and also Lucian Freude with his portrait ‘Girl with the Green Dress’ (below) 



Barbara Walker with ‘Boundries 1’ is a breathtaking piece of contemporary painting by its sheer size and photorealism of the subjects painted, my favourite piece of the collection . (Below)




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