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A Study of Modern Japanese Sculpture // Henry Moore Institute Leeds 


Gallery 4 at the Henry Moore is a tiny room of a white cube nature but the blinds closed, makes it a claustrophobic space for the small exhibition in comparison to the size and scale of the neighbouring exhibitions. 

The exhibition wants to celebrate small things and fragments and treats the objects on display in the same way. 


The exhibition displays nine small-scale sculptures from across the 20th century but displayed with a modern curatorial discipline which enter into a dialogue with the western concepts of sculpture. 


The Nine small sculptures are displayed against objects which they represent, where they can. For example, a small dried fish, birds, crustaceans and toads against clay models of their counterparts.


The exhibition raises questions about western idea’s of sculpture against the eastern ideologies. 

It is in an interesting display and looks very different from what one might expect from the Henry Moore especially in comparison to the neighbouring gallery spaces with the scale of architectural sculpture on display Display currently. 



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