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Carol Bove/Carlo Scarpa // Henry Moore Institute Leeds


Carol Bove was born in America in 1971, Carlo Scarpa was born 1906 and died in 1978 but the relationship between the two,almost two generations apart, is explored in the current exhibition that the Institute is holding at the minute.  


 The Henry Moore exhibition space is the pure white cube gallery experience that one would expect from a contemporary modern gallery. It’s so white cube and so minimalist at the minute because of the scale of the sculptures on display at the minute, it doesn’t have any warmth but Scarpa is a concerned with architectural sculpture and by its sheer mass of display, it cannot be anything but cold. 

The relationship comes into being by the relationship that objects and the environment are bound, the nature of the way that we encounter sculpture and the meanings that are given to a sculpture. 


Bove in her sculptures questions how objects communicate their past, she blurs time in her collection of objects and often displays them sparsely, she is fond of using the environment in her sculptors such as wood, coral and shells and displays them minimalistic such as (find the name for the sculpture on the front cover) 

What I liked about one of her sculpture pieces displayed was a conversation she had with (find) of which, she documented through books, objects, photographs, everything which they spoke about, I really liked how documented that moment of time. 

Carlo concerns herself with Nature and architecture and one such exhibition piece was an iron girder and a reclaimed tree bark that was found in the sea and placed together, the natural against the man made. The exhibition pieces were so big, almost two floors high, it made them cold and very clinical. 


I found to exhibition difficult to understand in an artistic way without prior knowledge as to the concept of the ideas behind the collaboration. 

An exhibition guide was provided on the way out/in but only if you come in from the main entrance of the gallery itself, if like most people, I assume, you come in from the art gallery, it isn’t  rewarding entrance to pick.



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